Friday, August 14, 2009

It Came in the mail last week...

I entered the contest when was ten (I had to eat thousands of boxes of poor quality macaroni), and then last week this very old, dead letter office stamped, and forwarded multiple times package was on my doorstep. Its almost entirely made of cardboard (with a few zinc fasteners some some pie-tin quality fuel lines). Like many childhood dreams it was probally better being just a fantasy to get me through the long boring summers and my grandmothers house.

Sure, it flies okay, but it shakes quite a bit at mach 2, the radio only gets staticky Buddy Holly tunes and only one of the landing gear really worked properly. Sadly, I put the launching pad too close to the lawn sprinkler and it got wet. It was in the recycling bin a week later .

..and I was a little sadder.

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