Friday, August 14, 2009


My personal litmus test for fully developed human beings is a simple one. I merely say the name "Mr Hulot" and if the reaction is of a warm smile and a deep sigh with the full knowledge of what a true genius is, I let them in and we have a nice coffee. But if they have a blank, clueless stare, or worse- a smug cinema geek affect with a mock understanding of what the world is like with the work of Hulots creator-The French filmmaker Jaques Tati-within it, then I sadly cut their line and and let them drift back into the world of nothingness and despair.

Artwork: Giardino

But worry not, there is still time for you go to tativille Spend some time there. Listen to the music, have a bite to eat, go to the seaside, or maybe see your reflection in a skyscrapers ground floor window-go now. I'll wait for you at the end of the beach, you'll recognize me by my pipe and anorak.

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  1. A bit of an exclusive test, but here's another method that should work too: Walk into a room full of strangers (like - say - a bar) and ask aloud "What's the meaning of life?" Anyone answering "42" should be decent company.